Food Tour with Farmer in Klaksvík

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Join us on a unique food tour with one of the oldest farming families in the Northern Islands starting in their sheepshed, followed by a historical walk before visiting their family home.

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Discover the best food in the Faroe Islands with a local farmer as your guide. Nestled on the breathtaking Borðoy Island, a local farmer invites you on a traditional food tour to share the culinary legacy of a family farm dating centuries back. Taste the simplicity and richness of delicacies passed down through generations, each bite echoing the stories of resilient farmers who have weathered the storms of time.

With a unique combination of local flavours and hospitality, this experience is truly special. Your guide and farmer will make sure that this will be a highlight of your vacation.

During this food tour, you’ll visit one of the ancient families in the Northern islands and try some of the classic delicacies passed on through generations. Honouring their predecessors, they continue a legacy passed through generations of farmers, who have experienced more than most. Once they were probably the wealthiest family and largest employer in the northern part of the archipelago. Twice the family was almost exterminated by avalanches, often referred to as some of the deadliest natural disasters in the history of the Faroe Islands.

The farmer will greet you in his humble sheep shed. Here you will be served traditional, Faroese appetizers from their farm, hear some stories about their family-oriented farming life and rich ancestral history, while first hand experiencing the life of a farmer in present day Faroe Islands.

You will now do a historic walk to their family home in Klaksvík passing pastures, where their ancestors used to live once upon a time. Now these fields are preserved and only used for hay-making.

Arriving at the house, you’ll be offered to a traditional soup, a symbol of Faroese hospitality. It’s not just a meal; it’s a communion with the past and present, a feast that transcends time.

Just remember that in the Faroes, the weather changes frequently, so we recommend bringing water-proofed clothes for your comfort as we plan to walk from the shed to the farmer’s home, which takes around 15 minutes if the weather permits such a walk.