Einar´s Exclusive Tour and local seafood. BY REQUEST ONLY

A historic trip in Klaksvík 

Exclusive beer and whiskey tasting tours in Føroyar Bjór and Einar’s Distillery, combined with a local lunch from Café Fríða.

A tour in one of the oldest factories in the Faroe Islands. In 1888 Føroya Bjór started their brewery and today they deliver a spectacular selection of  beer, soft drinks, ciders, and recently also a prize winning distillery. Einar’s Distillery is built on the proud tradition and great history of the family brewery Føroya Bjór. The distillery and brewery have been greatly acclaimed for the genuine quality and taste of the beers and spirits – the result of generations of Faroese brewing traditions. The tour gives you a rare insight into the development and history of one of the oldest companies in the Faroe Islands.

This guided tour to Føroyar Bjór and Einar’s Distillery, is followed by an exclusive tasting of the best of their production and thereafter a dinner. Dinner will be served in the brewery by Café Fríða. You will be served an exclusive seafood platter, bread and cake.

This is a limited-edition trip and by request only. Send request to frida@frida.fo

This tour is in English. Time: 3-4 hours

Tickets available:  min 2, max 12                           Price: 1888 Kr.

Fríða’s Local seafood platter (menu will change according to catch of the day)

  1. Smoked salmon
  2. Cod with herbs and olive oil
  3. Monkfish ceviche
  4. Monkfish liver paté
  5. Fisk cake
  6. Fried haddock
  7. Dried fish with seaweed butter
  8. Queen scallops with chili & lime
  9. Slupp beer cake with slupp truffles
  10. Rhubarb tart
  11. Bread and biscuits

The event is finished.


Sep 19 2023


Føroya Bjór


Føroya Bjór
Kafé Fríða

Location 2

Kafé Fríða
Biskupstorg 5
Café Fríða


Café Fríða
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