Daytrip to Klaksvík (testing)

Wellcome to Klaksvik

In the center of Klaksvik you will find some special places where the new, the grand and the grand old stories meet.

The history of a small but proud village. The fishing and entrapaneur capital of the north.

This tour includes:

  • 09 am Brunch at Café Fríða
  • 11 am Guided tour Biskupstøðgarðurin
  • 12 pm Ram Tour at Føroya Bjór and Einar´s Distillery
  • 14 pm Visit Roykstovan the oldest pub in town, Taste 5 local beers and  enjoy a faroese snack
  • 18 pm Dinner at Café  Fríða

Brunch at Café Fríða

Café Fríða opend to guest in  mars 2014 the first coffehouse on the northern islands, with fresh grinded espresso, handmade cappucino, fresh juice, home baked cakes and full international breakfast. The café is named after the first boat built and lead by the faroese people, Name by Nólsoyar Páll  as Royndin Fríða, meaning a “beautiful trial” or a “free enterprice”, Royndin Fríða was built on Fløtini Fríðu in hiding and it was outlawed, banned and feared. but today Royndi Fríða is a symbol of freedom and progresse. With this in minded Café Fríða wellcomes all its guests. Klaksvik leads on with local entrapeanur spriet, Café Fríða has moved and gathered people, it markes the spiret of a indepentent willage a strong sosiaty with visions and big goales and village the  entrapeaunamanship.

11:00 Visit  Biskupstøðgarðurin, the home of a Faroese legend Nólsoyar Páll and his wife Marin Malena.

Local artist and storyteller Archibald Black invites you on a tour through this special landmark, now rebuilt like the original home from 1801.

12:00 – Walk trough Klaksvík with local guide.

Our local guide will share stories about the scandalus rebellion in Klaksvik in 1955, which was a conflict between the majority of the citizens in Klaksvík and the authorities in  Copenhagen.


15:00 – Tour at Føroya Bjór and Einar´s Distillery

Visit a Faroese distillery and family brewery founded in 1888.

The distillery and brewery have been greatly acclaimed for the genuine quality and taste of the beers and spirits. The result of generations of Faroese brewing traditions.

The tour gives you rare insights into the development and history of one of the oldest companies in the Faroe Islands.

17:00PM – Dinner at Café Fríða

The event is finished.


Sep 19 2023


10:00 - 20:00


Kafé Fríða


Kafé Fríða
Biskupstorg 5
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