The Gold brewery tour – Føroya Bjór

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The Gold Føroya Bjór brewery visit – A Journey Through Time at the Oldest Brewery in the Faroe Islands

Delve into the rich brewing history at Føroya Bjór with our family brewery tour. Enjoy beer tastings and snacks, complemented by Faroese tapas. Immersing you in a unique journey through flavors and traditions.

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The Gold Føroya Bjór brewery visit – A Journey Through Time at the Oldest Brewery in the Faroe Islands

Step back into 1888 with a tour of the oldest brewery in the Faroe Islands, guided by those who know it best—our local and knowledgeable guides. In a land where the crafting of spirits and strong beer were forbidden for most of the 20th century, visiting our brewery is not just visit or a tasting—it’s a passage through history.


Now in the hands of the third generation, our family-run brewery not only crafts the purest waters and the finest beers but also takes pride in producing the sole Faroese-made sodas under the esteemed Føroya Bjór brand. Our legacy continues with Einar’s Distillery, the oldest in the Faroes, bearing the name of our current master brewer and offering an array of spirits from whiskey to akvavit, each a testament to our heritage.


This experience will take you through our brewery, which is still brewing some of Føroya Bjór’s products before going to a local café, where you will indulge in a special Faroese tapas plate and curated beer tasting, featuring the finest of Føroya Bjór with a view of Føroya Bjór from your table.


Secure your spot on this remarkable tour. Join us to savor the legacy, taste the tradition, and raise a glass to the enduring craft of Føroya Bjór.


  • Type of experience: Private Brewery tour
  • Availability: Available on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11am
  • Cost: 850DKK per pax
  • Max pax: 1-10
  • Duration: approx. 2 hour
  • Length: < 1km
  • Starting point: Føroya Bjór gift shop
  • End point: Café Fríða
  • Included: Brewery tour, beer tasting and a special Faroese tapas plate

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